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ECA Mentorship Programme

The Early Career Academy Free Mentorship Programme


Being a mentor is not just about supporting individuals entering the working world, but developing an understanding of what a future leader looks like. From their values to their passions. Signing on to be a mentor is a two way partnership about developing together.

Justin Thorpe

An exceptional young professional who has just blown me at way at every stage with his level of persistence, organisational skills, intelligence and integrity. Looking to move into a role within consultancy.

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Oscar Robinson

An incredibly dedicated, talented and ambitious young individual with a singular mind for sound design. He is looking for junior sound design roles in the gaming or film industry.

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Dhruv Lala

Already has a number of great internships under his belt. Incredibly proactive and forward thinking, he is looking to secure a new internship / graduate position within the finance industry.

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Charlini De Almeida

Charlini has spent the last 4 years at Barclays Wealth, has a fantastic mind for entrepreneurship and the ambition to start her own business. She would be looking to understand how to meet / engage and start building something of her own.

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If you’re interested in mentoring any of the following professionals then get in touch at [email protected] and join our community on Slack