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Job Hunt Playbook

What if someone handed you the knowledge
to accelerate your career


Tired of struggling to find that next position? Feel lost and unguided on how best to get that next promotion? Looking for the Clarity and Confidence on how to progress your career?

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone…

Your career is a long road of difficult decisions and crossroads. You’ll win, you’ll lose. Succeed and fail. Be right and wrong.

Understanding how to carve the best path for you is tough. Being an effective job seeker, positioning yourself as the go-to person for that next promotion and understanding how to market your personal brand is not easy.

So what if I told you I could give you all the knowledge and techniques you need to ensure you are always the first picked for interview, top of every LinkedIn search and how to become the new thought leader in your industry. Wouldn’t it all become a lot easier?

Well, forget “what-ifs” let’s create your future together.



How this will benefit you?

  • The Early Career Academy will coach you to write a CV that will always be “top of the pile”.

  • Give you the tools to transform your LinkedIn so that it’s not only visible and findable, but irresistible to employers.

  • Show you how to create content that not only gets you noticed, but makes you a thought leader in your domain.

  • Explain how to create a kick-ass go-to market strategy and then execute with passion, dedication and finesse.

  • Give you all the knowledge, tips, tricks and techniques you need to know to be a superstar interviewer.

  • Show you how to negotiate and close an offer better than Harvey Specter.

Slack channel

with dozens of like minded professionals

Learning modules

to allow you to learn and succeed at your own pace

A weekly masterclass

on everything from CVs, LinkedIn Content Production to Interview Techniques

A weekly live Q&A

where you can find out the answer to any and all your questions relating to your career

Who is this for?

  • Young talent that wants to accelerate their career.

  • Professionals looking to secure that perfect next role.

  • Talent that’s been affected by COVID-19 or redundancy.

  • Rising stars looking for an advantage over the competition.