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Let Me Tell You How I Got Here

I’m a born and raised Londoner that from the day I was a little boy only ever wanted to be a recruiter.

I’m just kidding, like most people who had a career in my industry, I fell into it. It was back then, that I first realised there was no real guidance out there to follow. No-one had sat me down and discussed my goals and paths. But I had a career, so for the next 10 years I made it my mission to be the best in my field.

I worked my way up the ranks, always learning, always listening and most importantly, always remembering that there is someone else absorb knowledge from.

After 8 years honing my skills and placing hundreds of candidates, it all culminated in 2018 when I was hired as the Global Head of Recruitment for a technology company based in Shoreditch. It was a peak I was very proud of and had worked very hard to achieve.

Along side my work there and some years prior, I found myself increasingly sitting down with colleagues, peers and candidates. Working one on one with them to help them hone their skills. Like many they were struggling to find positions, just weren’t getting called for interviews, or were really lost with what to focus their efforts on. I’d share tips on interviews, how to maximise LinkedIn, guiding them through their CV and helping them set their goals. As a recruiter it seemed I had untapped insider information on what works best having placed so many candidates throughout my career. And information that gave them that slight edge they needed over the competition.

After the culmination of advice and guidance, watching them land that long sought after position, or finally get on the right path was incredible to behold and exceptionally gratifying. But this was all part time, I was working multiple timezones and couldn’t focus on it as much as I wanted to.

Then something happened, and you may of heard of it, COVID-19. I was, as many others were, made redundant.

It was time I thought. Time to put all the knowledge I’d gained and the thousands of hours I’d spent helping secure peoples futures into practice. And the Career Coaching Consultancy was born.

When I turned 30 this year I realised, looking back, that the group of people that needed this guidance most, were those in their early career. And so that’s where I’m focussing. Transforming people’s early career strategy and goals. To help them realise their potential.